Treating Snoring With Pillows

sp1My kids gave me a couple of snoring pillows yesterday. I did not have to ask them why despite many other things that they can think of as present for my birthday, they decided to buy me these items. My kids are the ones who suffer the most because of my snoring. Although they are sleeping in a separate room, this is not enough distance to be saved from hearing my snore. I can still remember the first time when my wife complained about my snoring. She waited for me to wake up one morning and discussed the matter with me. She complained that she’s deprived of enough sleep. She pointed out the importance of getting enough sleep as this is where one gets the energy that he needs for the following day. I understand why my family is not pleased about my snoring. They always tell me that it is not just about their need for enough sleep. They keep on reminding me that snoring is not good for one’s health, and even worse for your relationships. Now, with the pillows that my kids just gave me, I came to realize that they are really serious about convincing me to have my snoring treated. I think I have to give in to what my family wants since it is all for our own good.

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