Lighting Means Everything For Solid Photos

In fashion photography, you carefully select the model, the background and the light then direct the model into poses and attitudes that express the fashion idea behind the garment. For my images, I wanted to experiment and exaggerate the fashion concept.

Since I had been working with the Hosemaster, I wondered if I could use it successfully on a model. Since this was not a usual technique for fashion, I realized this would be the something different I was looking for.

I decided on a Western-fashion theme. The background is a key element in any type of photograph, but its interpretation in my Western photograph was especially critical. I carefully planned it for maximum effect.

I was lucky and found most of the necessary background pieces at a local salvage yard. They had what I needed and their prices fell within the project’s budget. Then I went to a stable for the saddle, bridle and bales of hay.


After examining my props, I realized I was going to need some time to set this shot up. So, I dragged everything to the studio and built my …