Replacing A Failed Disk On ProLiant, Drobo RAID Servers

hppHP ProLiant disk failure can be big problems for people running servers. That notorious blinking red light when you look at the hard drive could spell disaster. Is it really that big of a deal? Sometimes, HP ProLiant disk failure is false alarm. When it does happen, there are a few things you might want to look into. Look into the HP system management and check for the hard drive’s status. If it says ‘predictive failure’ and ‘replace S.M.A.R.T. drive’ then it is not too late. Make sure not to wait because this problem must be dealt with immediately. Before starting anything, secure a very recent back up and that it works and has been tested. This is crucial if in case your repairs or anything else go awry.

One thing you want to look out for is to find out which RAID you have. RAID 5 is easy to deal with. All you have to do is get an identical drive (if you have a spare one, great!) to the other drives in the other slots; remove the drive with the failure and HOTSWAP the new drive in. If HOTSWAP is not an option, you might need to bring down the server before swapping the driver. After this, it is only a matter of rebooting the server. This might take a while because the RAID has to be rebuilt. It can be super easy to fix a HP ProLiant disk failure. The new drive should re-mirror automatically. Just make sure the one you replaced was that right one.

Solving The Problem With Drobo Disk

Drobo is one of the best storage solutions to protect and preserve all your data. If you are having a problem with Drobo disk, it is necessary to have it checked with the manufacturer in order to ensure that the files are not lost. There are a number of technicians who can handle a problem with Drobo disk. However, you have to be careful in approaching a technician because a single mistake can make a difference on your storage solution. There is always a high likelihood with Drobos, based on their configuration, that you will need a certified RAID data recovery provider. Messing with the Drobo disk configuration can be more than tricky, frankly. This is a pretty difficult setup as it is, so amateur attempts at hard disk recovery are strictly to be avoided.

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