My Search For The Best Skin Tag Removal

bstrI want to know about the best skin tag removal. I gained a lot of weight during pregnancy. According to my friend, skin tags usually come out when one has gained weight and it’s no surprise that I am now suffering from it. I used to be slim but probably because of hormonal imbalance during pregnancy, I gained around twenty pounds. Now that my baby is already 2 months old and I already gained the energy I lost when I gave birth, I think it is time I make myself beautiful again. I was advised not to take on intense workout yet so I guess I have to focus on my skin first. I read about home skin tag remedies but I think pulling out hanging skin using a dental floss or cutting it off with the use of scissors is very painful. I am also afraid that my skin might get infected by it. I prefer having my skin tags removed with the help of skin professionals. I am planning to take on electrocautery. I already went through this procedure for my warts and the pain was tolerable. My warts were completely eliminated by this process and I am certain that it can do the same for my skin tags. I just wonder if it’s already the best skin tag elimination or there’s something else that I do not know about.

A Very Disappointing Blind Date

A friend of mine set up a blind date for me. Of course, I was so excited to see my date. It’s been months since I broke up with my boyfriend and I cannot deny that I am already looking for a potential partner. However, when I saw my date, I got really disappointed. He seemed a nice guy but he’s in need of skin tag removal. He has skin tags on his face and neck. I wonder if he has not notice those skin tags yet or he just preferred not to do something to get rid of them. When we parted ways, he actually asked for my number but I refused to give him any of my contact information. I do not want to be mean but I cannot force myself to like him. I got really turned off because of his skin tags. He should have made an effort to get rid of those tags before he went out on a date. He has looks and he seemed educated. I guess, there are just people who do not mind having skin tags. But if I do have skin tags, I will surely not go out until I have them removed.

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