Making Money With Photography – Some Tips

Going “pro” isn’t easy with photography. But when you do it, it can be killer for your income and reputation. Here are some fine tips.


As mentioned earlier, once you determine what you like to shoot the most and what you’re best at, this will determine the market(s) that you target to sell your work. One advantage that you have over an established, full-time pro is that you don’t have to shoot things that don’t interest you. By specializing, you’ll probably develop your craft more than a photographer who generalizes, and you’ll enjoy doing it.

In the process, it’s important to develop your own personal style. While you’re learning, or doing photography for your own enjoyment, it’s fine to imitate someone whose work you admire. However, when you want to sell your photography, it’s time to strike out on your own. Besides, if a photo buyer prefers your mentor’s style, they’ll probably call that photographer – not you.


Find out all you can about your potential client before sending unsolicited photos. Remember the adage, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”

Lighting Means Everything For Solid Photos

In fashion photography, you carefully select the model, the background and the light then direct the model into poses and attitudes that express the fashion idea behind the garment. For my images, I wanted to experiment and exaggerate the fashion concept.

Since I had been working with the Hosemaster, I wondered if I could use it successfully on a model. Since this was not a usual technique for fashion, I realized this would be the something different I was looking for.

I decided on a Western-fashion theme. The background is a key element in any type of photograph, but its interpretation in my Western photograph was especially critical. I carefully planned it for maximum effect.

I was lucky and found most of the necessary background pieces at a local salvage yard. They had what I needed and their prices fell within the project’s budget. Then I went to a stable for the saddle, bridle and bales of hay.


After examining my props, I realized I was going to need some time to set this shot up. So, I dragged everything to the studio and built my …

Keep Photography Simple, Stupid!

One of my favorite techniques for capturing a person on film in a studio is to use only a single light source. This simplified approach suits me well. It is quick to set up, less intimidating to inexperienced models, and easy to accomplish in any indoor situation, at home or abroad. In addition, for those on a limited budget, it is easy to afford.

More importantly, though, with a single light I can create dramatic illumination that seems to reveal a person’s character more so than with other types of lighting.

Tungsten vs. StrobeKeep the photo simple, so you can get crazy with Photoshop later!" width="300" height="300" /> Keep the photo simple, so you can get crazy with Photoshop later!

Any kind of single strobe or photoflood can be used for this technique. Both types of lights can be controlled to achieve the desired effect. They can be diffused, focused to a narrow beam, and easily repositioned. The decision you have to make has to do with three factors; cost, light output, and heat.

Any flash, no matter how inexpensive, will cost more than a reflector and a light bulb. The latter can be purchased at a hardware store for under $10. Flash units range from less than $100 to a lot more if

Treating Snoring With Pillows

sp1My kids gave me a couple of snoring pillows yesterday. I did not have to ask them why despite many other things that they can think of as present for my birthday, they decided to buy me these items. My kids are the ones who suffer the most because of my snoring. Although they are sleeping in a separate room, this is not enough distance to be saved from hearing my snore. I can still remember the first time when my wife complained about my snoring. She waited for me to wake up one morning and discussed the matter with me. She complained that she’s deprived of enough sleep. She pointed out the importance of getting enough sleep as this is where one gets the energy that he needs for the following day. I understand why my family is not pleased about my snoring. They always tell me that it is not just about their need for enough sleep. They keep on reminding me that snoring is not good for one’s health, and even worse for your relationships. Now, with the pillows that my kids just gave me, I came to realize that they are really serious about convincing me to have my snoring treated. I think I have to give in to what my family wants since it is all for our own good. Continue reading »