My Search For The Best Skin Tag Removal

bstrI want to know about the best skin tag removal. I gained a lot of weight during pregnancy. According to my friend, skin tags usually come out when one has gained weight and it’s no surprise that I am now suffering from it. I used to be slim but probably because of hormonal imbalance during pregnancy, I gained around twenty pounds. Now that my baby is already 2 months old and I already gained the energy I lost when I gave birth, I think it is time I make myself beautiful again. I was advised not to take on intense workout yet so I guess I have to focus on my skin first. I read about home skin tag remedies but I think pulling out hanging skin using a dental floss or cutting it off with the use of scissors is very painful. I am also afraid that my skin might get infected by it. I prefer having my skin tags removed with the help of skin professionals. I am planning to take on electrocautery. I already went through this procedure for my warts and the pain was …

Staying Cool Under Pressure: Avoiding Anger

scupAt work, Stacy Platteter used to worry about everyone else’s needs. Even if she was upset, she’d focus on others before dealing with her own problems. “I was a real people pleaser,” admits Platteter, 41, a physical therapist in Highland Park, IL. Inevitably, she began to feel angry and frustrated, then helpless and depressed. Fortunately, Platteter got counseling and learned to be more assertive–and to look after herself. Now, for example, when her patients complain about their slow progress, she doesn’t try to make it all okay. Instead, she honestly tells them that the process of healing can be gradual, even maddeningly slow.

If you feel angry at work, too, you’ve got plenty of company. Last year a Gallup poll of 1,010 workers found that 60 percent experienced some degree of anger on the job, up sharply from 49 percent the previous year. For certain people, the changing nature of the workplace is partly to blame. “These days, more is expected of employees, but there is less job security to balance the greater demands,” says Hendrie Weisinger, Ph.D., a Westport, CT, clinical psychologist and author of Anger Workout

Could You Survive Without Smell?

cyswsThink fast–if you had to give up one of your five senses, which would you choose? Eyesight and hearing are nonnegotiable. Live without taste, and you deny yourself an array of culinary pleasures, from chocolate and cheese to the tang of a vine-ripened summer tomato. So that leaves touch and smell. Of course, no touch means no sex. Okay, so that leaves smell.

Of all the senses, smell is the runt of the litter, the ability most of us probably appreciate the least. Aromatherapists and other fragrance advocates would like to change that. Scent, they say, is more than just a luxury for Saturday night. Flip open any aromatherapy book and you are sure to find claims that lavender relaxes, peppermint invigorates, and rose combats depression. Can scent play physiological tricks on the brain? Could a single whiff get you to work harder, feel healthier, be happier?

In the past, such notions were supported by weak anecdotal reports, says Avery Gilbert, Ph.D., scent expert and president of Synesthetites, a sensory consulting firm in Montclair, NJ. But today, he notes, research is being done, using standard scientific tests. “It’s …