Love That Day

Is there a date on the calendar more emotionally charged than February 14? I doubt it. Whether a woman is married or single, 18 or 80, Valentine’s Day often sets off a silent eruption of feminine remorse–secret reckonings of love gone awry, soulful sighs hidden behind the flowers, chocolates, and greeting cards. Or lack of them.

Glimpsing an old photo or dusting a sentimental talisman can evoke the same kind of sorrow disguised as wistfulness. In only a few seconds, your heart is racing, and you find yourself trapped in an old cycle of pain or even rage, as memory reassigns blame and reinforces guilt. I know a woman who bursts into tears in an elevator whenever she hears a piped-in rendition of their song–going back 25 years and two marriages.vday

These melancholy murmurs can be devastating. I used to dismiss them as fast as I could, and I suspect I’m not alone. We turn our hearts away from what feels like an accumulation of wrecked dreams and failed efforts, afraid that whatever killed our old love is poised, waiting to strike again. And we bury or discard

Making Money With Photography – Some Tips

Going “pro” isn’t easy with photography. But when you do it, it can be killer for your income and reputation. Here are some fine tips.


As mentioned earlier, once you determine what you like to shoot the most and what you’re best at, this will determine the market(s) that you target to sell your work. One advantage that you have over an established, full-time pro is that you don’t have to shoot things that don’t interest you. By specializing, you’ll probably develop your craft more than a photographer who generalizes, and you’ll enjoy doing it.

In the process, it’s important to develop your own personal style. While you’re learning, or doing photography for your own enjoyment, it’s fine to imitate someone whose work you admire. However, when you want to sell your photography, it’s time to strike out on your own. Besides, if a photo buyer prefers your mentor’s style, they’ll probably call that photographer – not you.


Find out all you can about your potential client before sending unsolicited photos. Remember the adage, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”

Lighting Means Everything For Solid Photos

In fashion photography, you carefully select the model, the background and the light then direct the model into poses and attitudes that express the fashion idea behind the garment. For my images, I wanted to experiment and exaggerate the fashion concept.

Since I had been working with the Hosemaster, I wondered if I could use it successfully on a model. Since this was not a usual technique for fashion, I realized this would be the something different I was looking for.

I decided on a Western-fashion theme. The background is a key element in any type of photograph, but its interpretation in my Western photograph was especially critical. I carefully planned it for maximum effect.

I was lucky and found most of the necessary background pieces at a local salvage yard. They had what I needed and their prices fell within the project’s budget. Then I went to a stable for the saddle, bridle and bales of hay.


After examining my props, I realized I was going to need some time to set this shot up. So, I dragged everything to the studio and built my …

Keep Photography Simple, Stupid!

One of my favorite techniques for capturing a person on film in a studio is to use only a single light source. This simplified approach suits me well. It is quick to set up, less intimidating to inexperienced models, and easy to accomplish in any indoor situation, at home or abroad. In addition, for those on a limited budget, it is easy to afford.

More importantly, though, with a single light I can create dramatic illumination that seems to reveal a person’s character more so than with other types of lighting.

Tungsten vs. StrobeKeep the photo simple, so you can get crazy with Photoshop later!" width="300" height="300" /> Keep the photo simple, so you can get crazy with Photoshop later!

Any kind of single strobe or photoflood can be used for this technique. Both types of lights can be controlled to achieve the desired effect. They can be diffused, focused to a narrow beam, and easily repositioned. The decision you have to make has to do with three factors; cost, light output, and heat.

Any flash, no matter how inexpensive, will cost more than a reflector and a light bulb. The latter can be purchased at a hardware store for under $10. Flash units range from less than $100 to a lot more if

Anacostia River Still Needs Help

acrsnho travel down the Anacostia River in Washington, D.C. is to journey through the dregs of the material world. Legions of beer cans and 7-11 Big Gulp cups line the banks, and shards of glass sparkle in the sun. Tires sporadically wash ashore. Even yacht clubs are affected.

The Anacostia begins inauspiciously at the confluence of several creeks in a working class area of suburban Maryland and flows past some of the poorest neighborhoods in the District of Columbia. just above and below the District line, access to the river is restricted by barbed wire fences near the sprawling Potomac Electric Power Company and Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission plants at the river’s banks. A huge scrap metal company straddles the river.

“This is where there’s the highest concentration of pollutants. And they just wash down stream. You can almost draw a racial line across this area of the river. White people live above it and black people live below it. Ifs that blatant,” says Joe Lane of the Anacostia chapter of Earth First! Lane has led what he calls “toxic tours” by bike of the Anacostia.

For Robert …

6 Ways To Get Inspired To Take Photos!

There are always going to be moments in a shooter’s life where he or she just feels glum. Non-creative, even. Here are some tips to get the blood flowing!

1 Take a hike!

Summer means hot, but it’s the perfect season for an early-morning or late-afternoon hike. The temperature is most pleasant then, and by fortuitous coincidence, these are also the best times for most outdoor photography: The low-angle sunlight produces long shadows that add interest to scenic shots, and the warm illumination enhances people and wildlife portraits. It’s beautiful early and late in the day, and a wonderful time to explore the world around you with your camera, whether that world is your local neighborhood or a national park. Look for exciting lighting, grand vistas and small details, and try different lens focal lengths.

2 Make an outdoor portrait!

Direct noon sunlight is terrible for people pictures, because its harshness makes subjects squint, and its high angle causes eyes to disappear into black pockets of shadow. But when the sun is low in the sky, your subject can face it without squinting, giving you a beautiful directional

How To Identify Hard Drive Failure

Hard drive failure is a common problem, which is often experienced by PC users at one time or the other. It is therefore, not a unique problem. However, people who are not fully prepared to face such a kind of problem may find it very stressful to deal with it. As a computer user, you need to prepare for failure at all times so that you may not be caught unawares.

clicking-drivesOne of the evident signs of hard drive failure is silence on your hard drive even when it is powered. The hard drive is supposed to be producing some kind of noise every time it is powered. If you realize that there is dead silence, then this is one of the signs of hard drive failure. First, check whether all your connections are done rightly. You may also need to check the loose ends so that you can easily establish the cause of failure. If this does not bring about any difference, you may need to seek another alternative of identifying the problem.

Hard drive failure can also be characterized by a loud clicking sound when the hard drive is powered. This sound may sometimes be occasional as well as continuous. Such a clicking sound may require urgent attention to get rid of further damage to the hard drive.

Signs And Symptoms Of Hard Drive Crash

Hard drives are often used to carry some vital information for the users and they also store data which is very valuable for individuals, companies and organizations. The problem with most of the PC users is that they do not think of creating backups for their data such that in case of any data loss, people end up losing it forever and they have no chance to recover it. Note that hard drive failure does not have any warning. It can happen at anytime even when you do not expect it at all. Some of such sudden causes could be a cut off on the supply of power, Continue reading »

Couples Stay Close The Right Way

The Petersons of San Diego have two young children and hectic lives. But every morning while dressing, they take time out for a simple, private ceremony: David removes Anita’s wedding ring, then slips it back on her finger as he says, “I love you.” Anita does the same with his ring, and they kiss.

“The ritual began shortly after our wedding, with David asking, `Will you marry me?'” Anita remembers. “Now we just do the ring ceremony without the question, but the result is the same: We’re reminded of all the wonderful reasons we got married. It seems to start the day off on the right foot.”

Such romantic gestures are more common among newlyweds. Spirituality plays a part, yes, but even after the kids are born, and life and work get complicated, couples can develop special rites that will sweeten their days. This is not about habits, like a peck on the cheek before leaving for work. What’s magic about rituals is that they focus the participants on each other, while excluding the outside world. Although the rituals can be elaborate–like a wedding anniversary party that

Replacing A Failed Disk On ProLiant, Drobo RAID Servers

hppHP ProLiant disk failure can be big problems for people running servers. That notorious blinking red light when you look at the hard drive could spell disaster. Is it really that big of a deal? Sometimes, HP ProLiant disk failure is false alarm. When it does happen, there are a few things you might want to look into. Look into the HP system management and check for the hard drive’s status. If it says ‘predictive failure’ and ‘replace S.M.A.R.T. drive’ then it is not too late. Make sure not to wait because this problem must be dealt with immediately. Before starting anything, secure a very recent back up and that it works and has been tested. This is crucial if in case your repairs or anything else go awry.

One thing you want to look out for is to find out which RAID you have. RAID 5 is easy to deal with. All you have to do is get an identical drive (if you have a spare one, great!) to the other drives in the other slots; remove the drive with the failure and HOTSWAP the new drive in. If HOTSWAP is not an option, you might need to bring down the server before swapping the driver. After this, it is only a matter of rebooting the server. This might take a while because the RAID has to be rebuilt. It can be super easy to fix a HP ProLiant disk failure. The new drive should re-mirror automatically. Just make sure the one you replaced was that right one.

Solving The Problem With Drobo Disk

Drobo is one of the best storage solutions to protect and preserve all your data. If you are having a problem with Drobo disk, it is necessary to have it checked with the manufacturer in order to ensure that the files are not lost. There are a number of technicians who can handle a problem with Drobo disk. However, you have to be careful in approaching a technician because a single mistake can make a difference on your storage solution. There is always a high likelihood with Drobos, based on their configuration, that you will need a certified RAID data recovery provider. Messing with the Drobo disk configuration can be more than tricky, frankly. This is a pretty difficult setup as it is, so amateur attempts at hard disk recovery are strictly to be avoided.

The internet offers a lot of tips Continue reading »

Treating Snoring With Pillows

sp1My kids gave me a couple of snoring pillows yesterday. I did not have to ask them why despite many other things that they can think of as present for my birthday, they decided to buy me these items. My kids are the ones who suffer the most because of my snoring. Although they are sleeping in a separate room, this is not enough distance to be saved from hearing my snore. I can still remember the first time when my wife complained about my snoring. She waited for me to wake up one morning and discussed the matter with me. She complained that she’s deprived of enough sleep. She pointed out the importance of getting enough sleep as this is where one gets the energy that he needs for the following day. I understand why my family is not pleased about my snoring. They always tell me that it is not just about their need for enough sleep. They keep on reminding me that snoring is not good for one’s health, and even worse for your relationships. Now, with the pillows that my kids just gave me, I came to realize that they are really serious about convincing me to have my snoring treated. I think I have to give in to what my family wants since it is all for our own good. Continue reading »